Price Guide Revamped (Remember these prices are not set).

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Price Guide Revamped (Remember these prices are not set).

Post by difference on Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:37 am


Bandos Godsword -  100m
Zamorak Godsword - 100m
Saradomin Godsword - 140m
Armadyl Godsword -150m
Saradomin Sword - 30M
Whip - 40m
D bow - 40m
Armadyl crossbow - 150m
Dragon Claws - 150m
Amulet of Fury - 25m
Robin hat 15m
Ranger boots - 15m


Bandos Boots - 30m
Bandos Tassets - 100m
Bandos Chestplate - 80m
Armadyl Helmet - 60m
Armadyl Chest - 70m
Armadyl Skirt - 65m
Dragon Fire Sheild - 80M
Blessed Spirit Shield - ???
Elysian Spirit Shield - 900m
Divine Spirit Shield - 1000m
Arcane Spirit Shield - 800m
Spectral Spirit Shield - 600m

Barrows Armour/Weapons

Torag the Corrupted Hammers - 5m
Torag the Corrupted Helm - 15M
Torag the Corrupted Platebody - 25M
Torag the Corrupted Platelegs - 25M

Guthan's the Infested Warspear - 20M
Guthan's the Infested Helm - 15M
Guthan's the Infested Platebody - 15M
Guthan's the Infested Chainskirt - 15M

Verac's the Defiled Flail - 15M
Verac's the Defiled Helm - 15M
Verac's the Defiled Brassard - 15M
Verac's the Defiled Plateskirt - 15M

Dharok the Wretched Greataxe - 20M
Dharok the Wretched Helm - 20M
Dharok the Wretched Platebody - 20M
Dharok the Wretched Platelegs - 20M

Karils the Tainted Crossbow - 20M
Karils the Tainted Coif - 10M
Karils the Tainted Leathertop - 20M
Karils the Tainted Leatherskirt - 20M

Ahrim's the Blighted Staff - 5M
Ahrim's the Blighted Hood - 10M
Ahrim's the Blighted Robetop - 25M
Ahrim's the Blighted Robeskirt - 25M

Rares + Nex armor and Weapons
Up for discussion lol.

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Re: Price Guide Revamped (Remember these prices are not set).

Post by Trey / Stanza on Thu Sep 17, 2015 4:12 pm

This is not going to be used the prices will be set at a higher rate thank you for posting i guess.
Trey / Stanza

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