Shino's Mining Guide

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Shino's Mining Guide

Post by Shino on Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:29 pm

Hello , Today I am posting a simple Mining Guide for levels 1-99

To start off mining, use the commands ::shops and talk to the skilling store and buy a iron (Levels 1-41) , rune (Levels 41-61), and dragon pickaxe (Levels 61-99) (not expensive)

After you have bought the pickaxes , travel to ::mine

Copper / Tin Ore    Levels 1-30

Coal Ore                Level 30-40

Gold Ore                Level 40-99

Once you have done all these steps, you will have achieved 99 Mining!
Congratulations on your milestone and pick up your 99 Mining cape at ::shops from the skillscape store

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