Feedback about the server (Who i am)

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Feedback about the server (Who i am) Empty Feedback about the server (Who i am)

Post by brents on Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:53 pm

Hello Black Barrage Community.

My name is Brenton, I'm a Forum Manager, Forum creator. I have also coded, But the forums is really my home i am known around the forums with the name "Brents" If anyone would like to speak to me about anything feel free. I am currently helping out with a forums with forumotion for another 2 months, This is also how i found this forums if you guys are ever needing a forum manager don't hesitate to let me know as i will be happy to help here.  forumotion is not the best forums but it is free which is something you guys probably wanted Smile  In the future i would recommend you choose a more user friendly and appealing forums such as invisionpower  They have a nice format and you can even choose how you wish for it to turn out. The staff here seem very kind and you choose the best staff as it seems, Nice meeting you all.

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