Some Bosses drops rates will be added later.

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Some Bosses drops rates will be added later.

Post by brunex102 on Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:57 pm

Corporal Beast : Arcane shield, Divine, Elysian, Spectral
Bandos : All bandos pieces whit all godsword shards
Armadyl : All armadyl pieces whit all godsword shards
Saradomin : All saradomin pieces whit all godsword shards
Zamorak : All zamorak pieces whit all godsword shards.
Glacors : Glaiven boots ( range ) Steadfast boots ( Melee ) Ragefire boots ( Magic ) And armadyl battlestaff
Nex : Torva, pernix and vanguard pieces
Kalphite King : All drygore stuff
Revs : Vesta, statius, morrigan, zuriel stuff.
Abby demons : Whips. 85 slay nedeed
Dark Beast : Dark Bows 90 slay nedeed
Evil chickens : Chicken suit (outfit)
Nomad : red and blue cape and korasi's sword
Dust evils : Dragon chainbody
Tormented demons : Dragon Claws
King black dragon : drag visage, dragon stuff
Jadinkos : Vine whip to make Abbysal vine whip
Polypore dungeon : Fungal, Polypore stuff
Dagonoth Kings : Archer ring, Warrior ring, seer's ring (seer's for magic)

If u guys know more comment them on this post Smile!



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