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Post by Afk on Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:19 pm

Notice This isn't a price guide, this is my prices i want to buy , they always change .All prices all negotiable, if you don't like them don't sell them to me.

Vesta Set - 40M (20m each piece)
Vesta Long Sword - 15m(special attack doesnt work or i'd pay more)
Statius Helm - 10m
Statius Platebody - 15m
Statius Legs - 15m
Statius Warhammer - 10m(special attack doesnt work )
Morrigans Set - 30m
Zuriels Set - 30m
Zuriels staff - 10m
Armadyl Godsword - 75m
Bandos Godsword - 18.5m
Zamorak Godsword - 15m
Saradomin Godsword - 25m
Arma Set - 20m~
Bandos Chestplate -N/A
Bandos tassets - N/A
Bandos Boots - 1m
Dragon bones : 30k each
Robin hood hat : 500k
Ranger boots : 500k
Dragon claws : N/A
Ring of wealth : 15m
Anchor : 500k
Dragon Boots:2m
Dragonfire Shield/Visage : 8.5m
Amulet of Fury/Onxy: 8.5m
Abyssal Whip: 8.5m
Berserker ring:5m
Orge bones : 50k Each
Godsword shards (any):2m each
Dharok's set: 34m or 7.5m a piece
Guthans : 2.5m a piece for armour, 3.5m for warspear
All other barrows: 1-1.5m
Crystal keys: 750k each

Also collecting random stuff owner spawns for 25k each, if its wearable 100k-1m how cool it looks to me.

Stuff I super need only bulk: Diamonds(cut) and Ruby(cut) only obtained from monster drops not store. Buying in bulk only let me know and i'll pay for more. example 50+ rubys/diamonds

Adamant ore/Coal ore/Adamant bars buying in bulk only ;100+ at a time for the bars

1k+ runes (elemental only)

625gp each per manta 500+ at a time

I will update prices atleast once every weekend ( either saturday or sunday 12am EST ) Of what I want or need.

If i do have the item, i will also sell but only for slightly higher.
Pm me ingame Afk

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