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Brunex102 Helper/Mod Application Empty Brunex102 Helper/Mod Application

Post by brunex102 on Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:04 pm

In-Game Name: Brunex102


-How long have you been playing Black Barrage?:Started 16/08/2015

-How long have you been playing Rsps/Runescape?:6 years Smile (2009)

-Why do you think you would be a good staff member?:Because im very active and very funny whit the players and im very loyal whit the server and players Smile and i know lots and lots of things about this source Smile

-Have you ever been apart of a staff team before?:Yes always Helper/Mod Smile like 4 times. because i really like it Smile

-Who will vouch for you?: Demack44, Trusted, Sstrey, Melaan i helped a lot of players on this server Smile and i was funny whit everyone Smile

-Any other information about yourself that will help us make our decision: Im from Argentina my main language is spanish but i can speak english and a little bit of portuguese too. im very active because i work on my pc and im very friendly whit players. i can make vids to help the server grow up and another reason is : i want to keep the server fresh without flaming and unnecesary fights

Hope u guys accept this application

Have a nice day! Smile


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