Kayla's Application

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Kayla's Application

Post by Spirit on Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:41 pm

Question #1. What is your name?
A : Kayla

Question #2. What is your in-game username?
A : Kayla

Question #3. How old are you?

A : 18

Question #4. What is your Country & Timezone?


Question #5. What is your average time played per day?

A : Varies by day.

Question #6. When did you join Black barrage?

A : I've played before and am just now returning after some time.

Question #7. Why do you think you deserve to be a staff member?

A : Because I've experience as a staff member on several servers especially popular ones of their time such as ProximityPKZ and it's prior version Proximity.

Question #8. Have you been punished before? this also will include all punishments from jails to bans.

A : no

Question #9. If you received this rank how many hours per day would you devote to Black barrage?

A : A majority of my day

Question #12. *Scenario* If someone was abusing a glitch or duping, what would you do?

A : Warn them, if they do it again jail them, after that, ban.

Question #13. What are your hobbies or things you enjoy doing?

A : I enjoy coding and making websites and forums, and speaking of forums, I can if you wanted, make you a better forums.

Question #14. Do you have any talents that would help Black-barrage?

A : I have experience with coding RSPS and leadership and responsibility.

Question #15. Do u speak any other languages?

A : Spanish somewhat

Question #16. Do u have any past experience as a staff member?

A : see above

My name is Kayla I'm a 18 year old girl in College currently majoring in Computer information Systems and attending a community college, I reside in NY and have been playing RSPS for years.


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Re: Kayla's Application

Post by Trey / Stanza on Fri Aug 28, 2015 10:54 pm

Please answer the questions correctly "I've played before and am just now returning after some time." <-- from this i know your lieing thanks.
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Trey / Stanza
Trey / Stanza

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