Kaydhd's Moderator Application

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Kaydhd's Moderator Application Empty Kaydhd's Moderator Application

Post by KayDHD on Tue Aug 18, 2015 6:35 pm

-In-Game Name: Kaydhd

-Age: 18

-How long have you been playing Black Barrage?: I have been player for 2 days but the point is my knowledge

-How long have you been playing Rsps/Runescape?: honestly, sad enough to admin since 09 back in dodian days

-Why do you think you would be a good staff member?: I believe I would be a good staff member because of my extensive knowledge on Runescape Private servers, I love assisting new players as we rapidly grow, they will need somebody who has experienced the entire server. I am nice to everyone, I use grammar correctly and I speak fluent English so it is easier for me to assist with needy players. away from the helping side; I also am a great staff member. I am a fair staff member because I put the server first, I am kind but fair I will do my job so if there is a player giving a nuisance I will be sure to take care of them to the extend where it is beyond my control.

-Have you ever been apart of a staff team before?: Various types of staff including; Moderator, Head Moderator, Admin, Head Admin, Developer, Co-Owner and I have even ran my own server.

-Who will vouch for you?: Nobody yet, but I'm in high hopes they'll come around to respect me as a staff member Smile

-Any other information about yourself that will help us make our decision: Well, I am doing my best to assist in adverterising this server, I am a youtuber so I will be able to do mini series so we can help promote eachother.


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Kaydhd's Moderator Application Empty Re: Kaydhd's Moderator Application

Post by Tyler on Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:27 am

Good Job we are looking closely into all App's Very Happy

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