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Ancobusic/Help staff application Empty Ancobusic/Help staff application

Post by Ancobusic on Tue Aug 18, 2015 2:11 pm

-In-Game Name: Ancobusic/help


-How long have you been playing Black Barrage?: around 2 days possibly less (only joined forums today/tonight)

-How long have you been playing Rsps/Runescape?: around 6-7 years

-Why do you think you would be a good staff member?: I have many qualities i know my way around the game and the server mostly well, i am able to do stuff for the server such as coding and advertising and such. I'm not afraid to help anyone no matter what it is and give my opinion on whatever it is, I'm not perfect same as anybody but i will try me best too help out the server in anyway i can

-Have you ever been apart of a staff team before?: owned my own and co-owned servers and admin/mod on multiple.

-Who will vouch for you?: hopefully everyone apart off the server who does know me, i know not many do know me yet

-Any other information about yourself that will help us make our decision: as much as i am a chill guy i can be very serious and get annoyed easily sometimes, but i always try to keep that away from the server and players. i have my good and bad days like anyone else but hey i am a nice person and i will always go out of my way too help someone.
i do also have 3 names Ancobusic, Godlike, Help. so if you see me on the server don't be afraid to talk too me or add me and even ask for help
im also Australian, so time i will be on will always be different

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Ancobusic/Help staff application Empty Re: Ancobusic/Help staff application

Post by Tyler on Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:30 am

Good Job we are looking closely into all App's Very Happy

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